MIPI Online Testing Platform

The MIPI (Math Intervention/Programming Instrument) is a standardized math test used to evaluate a student's understanding of concepts taught at the previous grade level, at the beginning of the school year.

At ELM we have developed an online testing platform for teachers to administer this style of test to students. As soon as a test is complete it acts as a tool to immediately view scores and analyze trends across students, classes, and schools.

The app facilitates grouping students based on similar strengths and weaknesses to particular question types so that intervention is efficient.

User accounts of different types are set up to accommodate data viewing at the classroom, school, and district wide levels. For example a teacher would be able to view and analyze trends in their classroom, while a district administrator can see if wide spread trends prevail throughout the district.

Instantly View Trends in the Classroom

The Classroom Trends charting view sorts students by average overall score and plots the student's strand scores around their average.

Question Response Analysis

Analyze the frequency at which questions are answered correctly and incorrectly for a particular test. View this data at a classroom, school, or district level. The interactive charting view allows a user to click a question of interest and immediately view the particular question's information.

Student Grouping Analysis

Quickly group students together based on similar questions that were answered incorrectly. Intervention is immediate and efficient

Please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have about the product.