Terms And Conditions


ELM - Engage Learning Metrics Corporation

Partner - School District or Individual School engaging ELM for use of its assessment platform services

Platform - Software tool for deploying and analysing standardized tests and results

Service - Access to and administration of Engage Learning Metric's software tools, offered on an annual paid subscription basis.

Content: - The information deployed via the Platform. Typically this is the standardized test questions and categorization.

School Year: Runs from the end of the summer break to the beginning of the next one (typically Sep-Jun, inclusive)


The platform is to be used by the partner only, and should not be redistributed.

ELM strives to make its services available without interruption to its Partners, but at times there may be disruptions beyond its control. The Partner acknowledges this and will not hold ELM liable for such disruptions.

Intellectual Property

ELM provides the platform for assessment deployment and subsequent interpretation and analysis. All graphics and data analytics methods shown on the platform are protected by copyright and owned by ELM.

The content contained within the assessment itself is provided by the Partner. The Partner asserts it has the right to use the content.


Either party may terminate the Service at any time with 30 days notice. Since most assessments are performed early in the school year, termination before September 30 would require 50% payment for that school year; termination before October 31 would require 80% payment, and termination before June 30 of that school year would require full payment.

Upon termination, ELM will delete all data associated with the Partner.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

ELM works to use secure data storage, and does not share Partner data without the Partner's permission.

Administrator passwords and account safety are the responsibility of the partner. The Partner should notify ELM as soon as possible if any are compromised.

ELM only collects the personal information that is provided by the client to create accounts for its users. The data that ELM collects within the app is limited to test responses and this information is only used by that user's account owner.